Bliss Sundays


These monthly two-hour sessions of Restorative Yoga are a great way to unwind & totally re-programme and relax the nervous system.

Sessions are for a maximum of 9 people, to enable me to be sure everyone is having the best experience with sufficient space.

This is unlike any yoga you have ever experienced before. The focus is purely on a deep letting go and relaxation of the central nervous system – you will get to fully unwind and rest.

During the two hours I will teach you how to properly set up bolsters, bricks & blocks. You can then can rest in poses that encourage the body to open gently – with no forcing or effort – letting go of deeply held tension and old aches and pains.

I offer constant guidance and encouragement to remain focused with the breath, enabling you to ‘let go’ and re-connect with your body.

You will learn techniques to create an ongoing healing practice at home to support deep relaxation, better sleep, and release of aches and pains.


  • Deep relaxation
  • Relax the nervous system
  • Correct use of props
  • Constant guidance and encouragement


The Hamblin Centre
Bosham House,
Main Road
PO18 8PJ

Bliss Sundays

£30per session

All bookings are subject to availability. Payments received are non-refundable and non-transferable.