Strange times

How strange these current times are since the Pandemic, and the impact it is having on everyone’s lives in some shape or form.

I felt like I would never be able to move forward with my passion of teaching Yoga at this time if it wasn’t permitted for us to work in the way that we would normally. Everyone was going online with teaching and being the techno-phobic that I am I just couldn’t image how this would work.

How could I possibly teach Restorative yoga online, without being able to offer the nurturing of supporting students heads and necks with my special blanket cocoon? The gentle touch along spines to encourage release of deeply held tension?

But I was encouraged to try it and see how it worked out, and guess what, it does! It took a couple of weeks of settling in and working out the best space in my house where it could be peaceful and with good internet access, and now it almost feels normal.

I feel I am now skilled with instructing set up of postures for Restorative Yoga successfully and encouraging everyone to relax with verbal guidance more than ever. Hatha Yoga is also great being able to demonstrate poses as I would in a normal class.

Amazing how we can adjust to a new way so quickly.